Cai Investments is  focused on providing secure, attractive investment returns through the strategic acquisition and asset management of distressed real estate based assets in strengthening  U.S.  Markets of stability and growth.

Cai Investments finances, develops, and manages properties across key markets in the United States. We are a fully integrated company with approximately 20 employees, managing the entire real estate development process.

In addition to real estate development, Cai Investments assists international investors in receiving lawful permanent U.S. residence through secure real estate investments or loans secured by real estate. Our immigration-linked investment opportunities allow foreign nationals to invest in the U.S. and receive permanent U.S. residency green cards through the EB-5 visa program, through the Immigration Act of 1990.

Today, qualified EB-5 immigrant investors and their family members have a fast-and-secure way to invest, live, work, study, retire and start a new life anywhere in United States.