chris-beavor-headshot-2Christopher Beavor is a Managing Partner of Cai Investments and also the Manager Founder of Cai Investments LLC which identifies real estate based opportunities that are under performing with significant upside potential. Cai Investments LLC has cultivated carefully a network of relationships with investors, sellers and brokers which has enabled Cai Investments to acquire and complete over 200 real estate transactions in the past 3 years under the “Cai” umbrella.

Christopher Beavor operates a successful real estate brokerage firm that manages hundreds of properties from institutional investors to private family wealth platforms. Mr. Beavor identifies, acquires, repositions and manages real estate assets for public companies. Mr. Beavor has a distressed asset division that manages real estate assets for Fannie Mae, Archbay Capital, Freddie Mac, 646 Capital Partners, GTIS Partners, UBS to name a few.

Mr. Beavor companies have completed over 8,000 real estate transactions in the past 10 years. Mr. Beavor is the founder of Silver State Realty & Investment and  has developed over $200 million in projects in the United States and Europe.