Christopher Beavor is the founder of and manages and controls the Sponsor, and manages and controls the Manager. Mr. Beavor has crafted a network of relationships with real estate investors, sellers and brokers, which allowed Sponsor to acquire and complete over 200 real estate transactions over the past 10 years under the Sponsor umbrella. Having handled approximately over 8,000 completed real estate transactions over the course of the past decade, Mr. Beavor and the companies he directly or beneficially owns and/or controls, including the Sponsor and its affiliates are collectively well-versed in identifying, acquiring, repositioning, and managing real estate assets and properties for numerous companies, including Fannie Mae, Archbay Capital, Freddie Mac, and GTIS Partners.

In addition, Mr. Beavor has developed approximately over $150,000,000 in projects within the United States and Europe. One of Mr. Beavors recent projects was the repositioning one of Florida’s largest ocean golf resorts, establishing himself as one of the largest disposition foreclosure asset brokers in the industry. He and his companies manage over 1,000 real estate assets for over 150 clients, ranging from large NYC-based institutional investment funds to high net worth family offices and individuals.