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Harley Davidson Property

Harley Davidson Property

3850 Arrowhead Dr. Carson City, NV


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  • Sq. Ft.: ~96,000
  • Building Acquired: 2021
  • Building Sold: 2023

ABOUT Harley Davidson Property

In 2021, CAI Investments bought the Harley Davidson Financial Building in Carson City for approximately $3.8 million from the Harley Davidson Corporation. Later, the building was sold to the State of Nevada for about $18.5 million. This transaction is a part of Governor Lombardo’s initiative to acquire new office spaces for state employees, aligning with the state’s strategy to reduce leasing costs and bring more property assets under state ownership. This acquisition reflects the state’s effort to consolidate its real estate assets, particularly to benefit from owning rather than leasing office spaces, especially considering the state currently leases around 2.1 million square feet of space, often to entities based outside of Nevada.

The building site off Arrowhead Drive and Technology Way has enough room for the 98,000-square-foot complex to be shaped like a “V-Twin” engine, for which the company’s motorcycles are famous. The area was chosen for its vistas of mountains, space and visibility from the road. (

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